Issue 23

Building Model Warships - Nine chapters describing the construction of vastly different models at widely different scales.  Something for everyone!

HMCS Haida - Battle Ensign Flying - This ship still survives as a museum in Toronto, Canada.  Barry Gough’s book provides an enthralling insight into the operational life of a Canadian destroyer.

Issue 24

The Royal Navy in Focus in World War II (Part Two) - Another publication from Maritime Books packed full of large, black and white photographs.  A goldmine of information.

Hellenic Navy Destroyer ‘HS Velos - Many ships from the United States Navy have been transferred to overseas navies, including this example of the ‘Fletcher’ Class.  No longer in service, she lies near the ‘Georgios Averof’, an Italian built battleship now preserved as a museum.

20mm Oerlikon AA Gun Set - The 1:72 scale Revell (Matchbox) Flower Class corvette has been around for a few years.  This is just one of a very comprehensive range of etched brass accessories available from  D J Parkins which can greatly enhance the original.

Issue 25

Scale Modelworld 2002 - Our second display at the IPMS annual show was even better than the first - over 50 models, in varying scales, were on show.

Canadian Navy Destroyer, HMCS Haida - To complement the book review of Issue 23, we have a number of photographs of the preserved ship, kindly supplied by Mike Davey.

The ‘Darings’ - An example of these large destroyers is produced in 1:700 scale by Tim Stoneman, based on a Tamiya (ex-Skywave) German destroyer kit.

Issue 26

2pdr Rolls Royce AA Gun - A weapon commonly used by Coastal Forces in 1:32 scale from Mountford Models, complete with its gun crew.

German E-boats 1939-45 - There seems to have been a rush of books on E-boats recently, and this one from Osprey Publishing is a low cost addition but does not provide any new data.

HMS Cavalier - A multi-media CD-ROM is a change to reading books and this one certainly provides an interesting guide to the ship and her history.

Issue 27

The Royal Navy at Malta & in Australia, 1900-2000 - Two books, each containing a wonderful selection of photographs of many different British warships overseas.

New Warships from Mountford Metal Miniatures Ltd - A brief introduction and in the box review to two new series of models.

‘Brave’ Class Fast Patrol Boat - A wonderful, scratch built model in 1:72 scale.

Issue 28

H.M.S. Janus, 1940 - An ‘in the box’ review of a recent release from White Ensign Models of a very famous class of British warship.

Niszczyciele Typu Grom cz.1 – Grom & Blyskawica - Famous Polish warships from World War II are described in this very informative and cost effective publication.

Type 45 Air Defence Destroyer - A preview of what the Royal Navy’s ‘Daring’ Class vessels might finally look like.

Issue 29

Some Very Small Warships! - A review of the Figurehead 1:1250 scale white metal models of British coastal forces and small destroyers.

Warships of the Royal Navy - H.M.S. London - This book by Iain Ballantyne traces the history of all the ships of the Royal navy with the name ‘London’, the last three being a cruiser, a destroyer and, finally, a frigate.

H.M.S. Minerva (M33) - A survivor from World War 1 now under restoration in Portsmouth, U.K..

Issue 30

World War II Warships in White Metal - A review of a new series from Skytrex - 1:350 scale white metal models of British sloops, corvettes and destroyers.

German Destroyers of World War II - This is the sixth book in a series describing the warships of the German Navy in WW2.  All the books in this series are well worth having!

H.M.S. Folkestone - The Royal Navy on the China Station in the 1930’s.

Issue 31

H.M.S. Fearless - One of two sister ships that have served the Royal Navy for nearly 40 years, modelled in 1:1200 scale.

Naval Guns - 500 Years of Ship and Coastal Artillery - A pictorial history of the development of ordnance from many countries over a wide period of time.

H.M.S. Tenby - The scrapping of a frigate.

Issue 32

H.M.C.S. Haida - A 1:1200 scale model, created from the old Airfix kit, of a famous destroyer as currently preserved in Canada.

British Motor Torpedo Boats 1939-45 - A review of the Osprey publication describing these small craft.

Schnellboot In Action - The antagonists are given similar cover in this book from Squadron/Signal Publications.

Issue 33

H.M.S. Kelly - A 1:350 scale model of this famous destroyer in resin by White Ensign Models.

Royal Navy Trawlers - An insight into the many craft employed by the Royal Navy and the varied tasks they fulfilled.

Camouflage Vol.4: Royal Navy - Alan Raven completes his series on the many different  appearances of WW2 vessels.

H.M.S. Wild Goose - IHP produce a 1:700 scale resin model of this very interesting class of vessels.

Issue 34

H.M.S. Daring - A little care and attention from Roger Thomas has turned the old Airfix kit into a great model!.

B.A.P. Ferre - A ‘Daring’ Class  destroyer with a second career - this time with the Peruvian Navy.

U.S. Flush Deck Destroyers in Action - Another title from Squadron/Signal with a good collection of photographs but containing a few errors!

Issue 35

The Art of Joe Hinds - Some really amazing illustrations!

S-Boote, German E-Boats in Action, 1939-45 - A comprehensive account of the wartime careers of the S-boote, with many photographs.

The Royal Navy Handbook - An official publication describing the UK Royal Navy of today.

Issue 36

Tribal Class Destroyers - A comparison of white metal and plastic with a little conversion work.

German Destroyers 1939-45 - Another book in the Osprey ‘New Vanguard’ series provides a good introduction to the subject.

Royal Navy Videos - An interesting look at life in the Royal Navy.

Issue 37

A Trilogy of Darings - A comparison of resin and plastic kits in 1:700 and 1:600 scales, including an Australian variant.

The Model Engineer Exhibition - An interesting day out at Sandown Park in December 2003.

Issue 38

A Yank In The Royal Navy - Phil Reeder converts the WEM 1:350 scale U.S.S. Reuben James into H.M.S. Montgomery.

Rebuilding The Royal Navy - In this book, D K Brown and George Moore tell the story of the development of the modern Royal Navy.

Scale Modelworld 2003 - Some photographs from the show.

Issue 39

H.M.S. Laforey - A detailed description of the build of this superb WEM 1:350 scale model.

Scale Modelworld 2003 - Some more photographs from the show.

Issue 40

Fleet Destroyers of the Royal Navy, 1926-1956 - A brief history of the various classes by Tim Stoneman.

Scale Modelworld 2003 - Yet more photographs from the show.

Issue 41

German Torpedoboote T23 (1943) - Construction of the Heller 1:400 scale kit with a little help of WEM etched brass.

Scale Modelworld 2003 - The last of the photographs from the show.

Issue 42

Royal Navy Destroyer Leaders - an A to Z - Tim Stoneman completes the story started in Issue 40.

H.M.S. Cavalier - Past & Present - This book by Patrick Boniface tells the story of this preserved destroyer.

Issue 43

RN Frigates in Focus - Another book in this series from Maritime Books. A most cost effective way of getting those pictures you need.

Explosion! - the Museum of Naval Firepower - A small but interesting museum. Well worth a visit if you’re in the South of England.

Issue 44

Warship 2004 - This annual publication, edited by Antony Preston, contains the usual wide range of naval subjects.

H.M.S. Danae - Some photographs of this ‘Leander’ Class frigate from Roger Thomas.

Twin Lewis Gun and Crew - Another 1:32 scale model from the range produced by Mountford Metal Miniatures.

Issue 45

The Irish Naval Service - Martin Fogarty provides some photographs of vessels in this little known navy.

The Royal Navy at Gibraltar since 1900 - This book contains a collection of photographs of RN vessels whilst visiting the famous naval base, from Tito Benady.

Issue 46

‘G’ Class Destroyer, O.R.P. Garland - A superb 1:700 scale model from a Polish manufacturer - Niko Model.

Kriegsmarine & Royal Navy Crew Figures - Some 1:72 scale accessories from Germany for coastal patrol craft.

U.S.N. P.T. Boat Etched Brass - Another set of 1:72 scale accessories, this time from White Ensign Models for the Revell kit.

Washington Navy Yard - Some photographs of this interesting location, from Mike Potter.

Issue 47

American Patrol Torpedo (PT) Boats - A review of the models available in 1:350 scale from three different manufacturers.

S.M.S. Triglav - A high quality resin model of an early 20th century Austro-Hungarian destroyer in 1:350 scale produced by a new manufacturer in Austria.

The International Model Boat Show - Aimed primarily at radio control enthusiasts, this show was held at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre in November 2004.

Issue 48

‘Hunt’ Class Escort Destroyers - A short introduction to this hard working class of destroyers..

H.M.S. Cotswold - Mike McCabe builds a 1:700 scale B-Resina kit of this ‘Hunt’ Class destroyer.

H.M.S. Rattlesnake - A 1:600 scale ‘war-gaming’ model from Skytrex.

Issue 49

Destroyer Leader - HMS Faulknor 1935 - A reprint of a book by Peter C Smith giving an enthralling account of the life of just one destroyer. Well worth the read.

H.M.S. Starling - A very good quality 1:350 scale resin model by White Ensign Models of a ship with a very famous past.

The 74th Model Engineering Exhibition - Some photographs of very good models from a rather disappointing exhibition.

Issue 50

O.R.P. Wicher in 1:700 scale - Another resin kit from Poland - very detailed and makes a good model.

The 2005 Model Show - from the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton. A good show and a very interesting museum.

Issue 51

H.M.S. Lincoln - a description of the last Type 61 (Salisbury Class) Air-Direction Frigate built for the Royal Navy - both as built and after a major refit.  

British Power Boat Co., MGB75 - the WEM 1:350 scale model as built by Roger Pearson.

Issue 52

40mm Bofors MkIII Single Mounting - US Style - a simple kit at 1:72 scale, from White Ensign Models, which presents many opportunities to customise the Revell PT boat.

The Royal Navy at Portsmouth and Devonport since 1900 - the latest (and last) two books in the series portraying the Royal Navy in the 20th century.

‘Protect The Convoy’ - an interesting video from the Imperial War Museum.

Preserved Ships at Birkenhead - some photos of H.M.S. Plymouth from Mike Potter.

Issue 53

PT109, Blackett Strait, 1-2 August, 1943 - an exhaustive feature, by Martin Robey, showing how to convert the Revell 1:72 scale kit into an accurate representation of this famous vessel.