Issue 54

Warship 2005, Edited by John Jordan - Published by Conway Maritime Press, England; ISBN 1 84486 003 5

A Normandy Mystery - By Nigel Denchfield

PROFILE MORSKIE 72, BRYTYJSKI NISZCZYCIEL HMS ONSLOW -   Author Slawomir Brzezinski, Published by BS Firma Wydawniczo-Handlowa, Poland, ISBN 83-87918-68-7

R.A.F. Pinnace 1380 - By Nigel Denchfield

Issue 55

Trafalgar 200 International Fleet Review by Steve Bush - Published by Maritime Books, England; ISBN 1 904459 19 6

Home of the Fleet by Stephen Courtney & Brian Patterson - Published by Sutton Publishing Ltd, England: ISBN 0 7509 2285 0

German Navy Crew Figures (02525) -   Manufactured by Revell GmbH, Germany

Model Gallery and MTB102

Issue 56

Plymouth Library - Naval Studies Collection - by Mike Davey

Mystery Ships: The Aircraft Direction Type 62 Frigate - by Michael C Potter

Issue 57

The British ‘E’ Class Destroyer - a brief description of this class of ships

H.M.S. Electra - The Tamiya kit at 1:700 scale

Yellow Periscope Series, No.3 -  A review of a small book containing information on three different types of destroyer - the French ‘Le Terrible’, the Japanese ‘Yukikaze’ and the American ‘Drayton’.

Scale Modelworld 2005 -  Photographs of some of the smaller naval vessels in the competition.

Issue 58

U.S.S. Radford DD446 (1944) - the Tamiya kit at 1:700 scale, as modelled by Martin Robey.

Profile Morskie 73 & 74, Brytyjski Niszczyciel HMS Oribi &   Brytyjski Niszczyciel Srawiacz Min HMS Obedient - two more books in this extensive series from Poland, this time covering British Destroyers of the ‘O’ Class.

Landing Craft -  three models from Belgium in 1:76 scale.

Issue 59

Kriegsmarine - a selection of World War 2 German Navy vessels, at 1:400scale, recently released by Airfix (Heller)

‘Into the Minefields - British Destroyer Minelaying’ - a fascinating book by Peter Smith

German ‘Von Roeder’ (1936 Type) Destroyers -  resin models from Samek at 1:700 scale

Issue 60

H.M.S. Hotspur - from the 1:600 scale Airfix kit or an exercise in bodging and a comedy of errors! - by Nigel Denchfield

H.M.S. Penelope - Leander Class Frigate

U.S.S. Asheville (PG-84) -  manufactured by JAG, scale 1:350

Issue 61

O.R.P. WICHER 1936 - A 1:700 scale kit of a Polish destroyer from Niko, assembled by Mike McCabe

H.M.S. QUILLIAM and the ‘Q’ class destroyers of the Royal Navy - Author P D Johnson

MGB75, BRITISH POWER BOAT CO. -  Roger Pearson builds a 1:350 scale model from WEM’s ‘Narrow Seas’ series.

Issue 62

KRIEGSMARINE MFB - Marinefahrprahm - The 1:350 scale resin kit from White Ensign Models by Gary Mansfield

20mm OERLIKON GUN - Scale 1:32 - a model of this famous gun manufactured by Mountford Metal Miniatures (MM006/00)

H.M.S. BLOODHOUND -  a Vosper’s boat used in the development of torpedo firing methods

Issue 63

55 FOOT COASTAL MOTOR BOAT - A 1:200 scale model of these famous World War I vessels designed and built by J I Thornycroft

COASTAL FORCES VESSELS OF THE ROYAL NAVY SINCE 1865 - An interesting book from M P Cocker covering a very wide range of vessels

H.M.S. FOLKESTONE -  some interesting photos of an inter-war sloop

Issue 64

WE’RE BOARDING - Timothy Stevens recalls the exciting career of the destroyer HMS Cossack (originally contained in the June 1960 issue of Airfix Magazine

CATS AND CATHEDRALS - An interesting book from Patrick Boniface which describes the careers of the Type 41 and 61 frigates of the Royal Navy

KLEIN SCHNELLBOOT -  An unusual 1:72 scale model of a German WWII craft

Issue 65

BRITISH DESTROYERS AND FRIGATES- The Second World War and After - Another fascinating book from Norman Friedman

H.M.S. BEDOUIN - The Samek 1:700 scale kit built by Mike McCabe

KLEIN SCHNELLBOOT -  An interesting response to the previous issue

Issue 66

HARBOUR DEFENCE MOTOR LAUNCH, MEDUSA - a historic and valuable vessel undergoing refurbishment

COASTAL CRAFT - A review of the range of models available from PT Dockyard

SIGNAAL GOALKEEPER CLOSE-IN WEAPON SYSTEM -  A modern and effective weapon system.

Issue 67

SOVIET WARSHIPS IN 1:700 SCALE BY SKYWAVE - a pair of models from Charlie Bonner

HMS HOTSPUR IN 1:600 SCALE BY AIRFIX - Keith Butterley produces a very detailed model

HMS MATCHLESS IN 1:600 SCALE BY AIRFIX -  Nigel Denchfield converts a full hull model to waterline

VOSPER THORNYCROFT BUILT WARSHIPS - photographs of some vessels from a famous British shipbuilder. Published by Maritime Books.

Issue 68

RN BATTLE-CLASS DESTROYER A/D CONVERSIONS - Mike Potter provides the background to an interesting conversion

SCRATCH-BUILDING A 1/600 BATTLE CLASS DESTROYER A/D CONVERSION - Mike produces an award winning model to illustrate the conversion.

Issue 69

H.M.S. WILD GOOSE IN 1:600 SCALE - Nigel Denchfield scratch builds a model of an interesting ship

GERMAN S-BOATS - Steve Wiper describes the range of models available of these craft in this Chatham Publishing book

RIVER-CLASS FRIGATES AND THE BATTLE OF THE ATLANTIC -  A fascinating book from Brian Lavery, National Maritime Museum Curator Emeritus

Issue 70

H.M.S. SABRE (H18) - 1944 - Mike McCabe describes an interesting model from HP

S.M.S. ELSTER - A Austro-Hungarian vessel from the end of the 19th century

H.M.S. YORK, TYPE 42 DESTROYER -  A recent re-release by Dragon Models, with a few twists.

Issue 71

TYPE 15 FAST ANTI-SUBMARINE FRIGATES - Peter French takes a look at these very interesting conversions from war time destroyers

MODERN NAVAL DECALS - Some useful 1:700 scale products from Skytrex Ltd

BRITISH & US NAVY WARSHIPS & AUXILIARIES & 21st CENTURY WARSHIPS -  Three recent books describing the state of various navies today.

Issue 72

OPERATION CHARIOT, 28 MARCH 1942 - Roger Pearson introduces the ‘Greatest raid Of All’

H.M.S. BRAVE BORDERER - A large scale working model from Pete Stern

FLEET AIR ARM MUSEUM MODEL SHOW -  An annual event at a very interesting place well worth a visit.

Issue 73

WARSHIPS AND WARSHIP MODELLING - A book intended primarily for larger scale modellers

S-100 and S-100 & FLAK38 SCHNELLBOOT - Two superb kits from Revell at 1:72 scale

GREAT LITTLE SHIPS COASTAL FORCES -  1:72 scale fittings for various coastal forces

Issue 74

H.M.S. STARLING, GLADSTONE DOCK, LIVERPOOL, FEBRUARY 25th 1944 - A 1:700 scale model from IHP, built by Mike McCabe

ISRAELI SHIP EILAT - Peter French provides some fascinating details and drawings

RELEASES/RE-RELEASES FOR 2007 -  A list of forthcoming kits compiled by Bill Simpson.

Issue 75

ASW FRIGATE TYPE 15, H.M.S. UNDAUNTED - an introduction to this vessel by Mike Potter

MODELLING AN ASW FRIGATE TYPE 15 in 1/600 scale - Mike describes how he built his model

H.M.S. LLANDUDNO,A BANGOR CLASS MINESWEEPER - a 1:350 scale metal model by Skytrex Ltd.

ROYAL NAVY PAST AND PRESENT - at Portsmouth Dockyard.

Issue 76

WARSHIP 2007 - from Conway Maritime Press, editor John Jordan

THE TYPE 45 DESTROYER in 1/1250 scale - an interesting model from MB Models

WEAPON CLASS DESTROYERS - some more 1/1250 scale models from MB Models

BRASS GUN BARRELS - some accessories at 1:400 scale from Poland

Issue 77

LATTICE MASTS - two possible approaches from Peter French

BEGEMOT DECALS - a useful accessory in 1:350 scale

U.S.S. ENGLAND, DE-635 - a recent kit from the Chinese firm Trumpeter

ALLEN M SUMNER CLASS DESTROYERS IN FOREIGN SERVICE - some post-WWII vessels described by Peter French

Issue 78

Coastal Forces in Paper - Horst Murell offers a different approach.

Kamuflaze Niszczyciel Typu Fletcher - Illustrations of Fletcher Class camouflage patterns from Poland.

Visits to HM Naval Base Devonport - Mike Davey gives a report and some advice.

Town Class Destroyers  - some history from Peter French and a new model from Poland.

Battle Class Destroyers - by Patrick Boniface

Castle Class Corvettes - by Norman Goodwin & Steve Bush

Swan Hunter Built Warships - by Ian Buxton

Issue 79

Iron Shipwright’s 1/350 scale 110’ WWII Subchaser - Felix Bustelo builds an attractive model

Splinter Fleet, the Wooden Subchasers of World War Ii - Felix gives an indication of  the inspiration for his model in a review of this fascinating book by Theodore Treadwell

Roger’s Little Ships - Roger Pearson pays another excursion into the world of card models

H.M.S. Plymouth in 1982- a conversion of an old favourite from Airfix by Nigel Denchfield

Preserved ‘Daring’ Class Destroyer, H.M.A.S. Vampire - a collection of photographs from Ian Kerry

Issue 80

ASW FRIGATE TYPE 14 H.M.S. PALLISER (F94) - Mike Potter builds a (relatively) modern RN subject in 1:600 scale

FUJIMI, AKIZUKI/SHIMOZUKI - Rob Brown describes his approach to building some Japanese destroyers

JOHN C BUTLER CLASS DESTROYER ESCORTS - and the Battle off Samar - Peter French describes another action in the Pacific War

ATLANTIC ESCORTS - Ships, Weapons & Tactics in World War II -  a book by D K Brown

GERMAN S-BOATS - in action in the Second World War - a German perspective by Hans Frank of the war fought by small craft

THE NAVAL GUNS OF FINLAND, 1918 - 2004 - an unusual subject described by Pekka Kiiskinen & Pasi Wahlman, book review by Mike Davey

Issue 81

H.M.S. KINGSTON, the HP kit at 1:700 scale - a sample of modelling and some fine artwork by Mike McCabe

H.M.A.S. VAMPIRE - Tamiya’s 1:700 scale waterline model

THE TYPE 45 DESTROYER - some recent photographs from Edward Paxton

RIVER CLASS DESTROYERS OF THE ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY -  Authors Keith Butterley and Ken Macpherson

WARSHIP 2008 - Editor John Jordan