Issue 117, September 2017


- THE GREATEST RAID OF ALL - part 2 of a review of the Flyhawk kit of H.M.S. Campbeltown

by Rob Brown

- H.M.C.S. SNOWBERRY - 1:144 scale accessories

- H.M.S. EDINBURGH - a 1:700 scale resin kit from Atlantic Models

- TRIBAL CLASS DESTROYERS - Some ideas for a different model

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We start this issue with a mention of the IPMS Magazine.  Naval articles are not common but the March/April issue included the build of a 1:96 scale H.M.S. Dreadnought for radio control and the May/June issue the build of a 1:350 scale ‘K’ Class submarine and photographs of H.M.S. Eagle Mediterranean ops in the late 1950’s.

Seaforth Publishing have released their World Naval Review 2017, of particular interest being the description of the Japanese Akizuki Class and the U.S. Zumwalt destroyers.  Remaining with destroyers, Profile Morskie have published No.151, H.M.S. Janus 1941, with the usual collection of drawings.

A recent, very interesting publication from Poland (English language) is Naval Archives, now on Issues 05 and 06.  Of particular interest in Issue 05 is just a colour drawing of Lützow and some 3D drawings of O.R.P. Burza but battleship enthusiasts will welcome the 3D drawings of Barham and the article on the King George V Class.  However, Issue 06 includes articles on the Austro-Hungarian cruiser ‘Sankt Georg’ and the German cruiser ‘Königsberg’, and drawings of the Japanese cruiser ‘Yahagi’.  Of general interest are articles on ‘The Tragedy At Mers-El-Kébir’ and ‘The Navy Of The People’s Republic Of China’ which, of late, has produced some very interesting vessels.

Volume 4 of the Seaforth Publishing British Warship Recognition series (i.e. facsimile reproductions of the Perkins Identification Albums held by the National Maritime Museum) has been released.  This volume covers cruisers from Calliope Class (1915) back to the Amazon Class (1865), hence complementing volume 3 which continues with cruisers up to 1939.

Whilst on books and magazines, don’t forget the continuing series on 1:700 scale dioramas by our own Chris Drage in the Model Boats magazine.

Dragon have released some more ‘Premium Editions’ of earlier 1:700 scale kits – this time its three Type 42 destroyers – H.M.S. Sheffield (Batch 1) with ‘nostrils’ on the funnel and Type 965 radar, H.M.S. Liverpool (Batch 2) with Type 1022 radar and optional Phalanx CIWS and H.M.S. York (Batch 3) with Type 1022 radar, Phalanx CIWS, ‘stealth’ 4.5” gun and longer hull.  The Premium Edition includes an etched brass sheet with guardrails, flightdeck netting (rather unrealistic), helicopter rotor blades, yardarms and (most importantly) the Type 965/1022 radar.

AJM Models have released a kit of H.M.S. Vindictive (700-012), a Hawkins Class cruiser that was converted into an aircraft carrier and then back to a cruiser.  She is portrayed as an aircraft carrier with a very attractive ‘dazzle’ camouflage scheme.

As we have strayed into including submarines, a mention of the new 1:700 scale resin kit of the Oberon Class from Starling Models sees appropriate.  Just three resin parts – a hull and alternative sonar domes – two etched brass diving planes and an etched brass anchor – and the colour scheme is black.  What could be simpler?

For those of you who feel you have outgrown the Airfix kits you bought for two shillings and sixpence in Woolworths all those years ago, but still have them sitting on the shelf or in the attic, Atlantic Models produce etched brass sets for the Leander Class frigates, the destroyers Devonshire, Cossack and Hotspur, and the cruiser Tiger.  These will make a great difference to these kits – and its much cheaper than buying one of the newer resin kits!  There are many more promised, including one for the Amazon Class frigates.

Our first photograph is of some scratch-built 1:600 scale models, primed ready for checking before painting, by Ray Wakely.  Most of the subjects are larger than we normally cover in Escort - Japanese aircraft carrier Hiryu (with Tumbling Dice aircraft), Russian battleship Marat, Spanish cruisers Navarra and Baleares and French Battleship Richelieu – but have been included because they are based on the 1:1200 scale drawings by Michael Ainsworth that were included in his Fighting Fleets In Miniature series in the Model Boats magazine, copies of many of these are now included in the list of old magazine articles on the website.  All the models shown were scratch built, apart from the Baleares hull which is from Airfix H.M.S. Suffolk, and Ainsworth’s series includes many unusual subjects, including destroyers and other escorts – food for thought?

Jonathan Burns has been repainting and repairing a few very old models recently in order to sell them on eBay and make room in his cabinet for the current production run.  Including among these were an old Matchbox San Diego model which has been painted as U.S.S. Atlanta and also the Japanese cruisers Jintsu, Atago and Suzuya.  He has also been attempting to make some sea bases and here are some pictures of his efforts.

Some photographs of the cruisers Exeter and York by Dave Eyles - these kits were reviewed back in Escort 112.

Some late news - Starling Models have now released 1:350 scale versions of their naval flags - the 1:700 scale versions were shown in the last issue and the third issue of the e-magazine Ship Modeller contains a great review of the Showcase Models H.M.S. Vendetta, also mentioned in the last issue.