ESCORT                                                       ISSUE 116



H.M.S. Janus in late 1940

14th Destroyer Flotilla by Nigel Denchfield

Janus arrived at Alexandria in late 1940, sporting a pretty paint scheme based on the 1941 blue, MS4a. There was white edging between the colours, although this was painted out in early 1941. In Langtree’s book ‘The Kellys’ is an excellent port side view of Janus [also on the web!], whilst the starboard side can be determined from the Malcolm Wright book on camouflage.

The Revell, ex Matchbox Kelly offers a wide range of building possibilities beyond the J,K and N classes.  The same basic hull was used for the Q through to C classes, albeit with squared off transom stern, whilst the S and T classes had Tribal style bows, giving a loa of 4 feet more.  It has the advantage of being cheap too, all that is needed is to modify the hull as necessary, build any superstructure from plastic sheet, throw away all the small blobby details and replace with your own versions and paint.  No problem!

There is plenty of future modelling there, but for now I wanted to do something fairly simple and quick, hence Janus.

I used the main parts of the kit but nearly all the small details came from the spares box, brass etch or was scratch built.

According to Langtree, Janus had her depth charge throwers sited different to all bar one ship of the three classes.

The forward pair was moved aft, and sits just on the quarter deck.  It looks very crowded back there!  This does leave a large space aft of the tubes, but unfortunately  in the photo her awning s are spread, so if anything else went there, I cannot see it.  The throwers and reload charges were scratch built.  The director was also scratch built from a thick piece of sprue with added ports and detail as the kit one is not worth using.  Likewise the mast.

The AA weapons and the searchlight came from the spares box.  The pom-pom is a White Ensign resin, the quad mg are Trumpeter, and the searchlight…I don’t know!  Before mounting the pom-pom, I had to scrape the raised section of the deck off otherwise it sat far too high.

Etch from the WE set provided the davits, anchors, WT spreader, gangway, various ladders and dc rail.

The ships boats provided are quite good, so I stuck with them, but did thin down the upper sides of the whaler.

Inspiration struck at this point.  I hate hanging boats onto davits, I find it very stressful, so I opted to follow the idea in the photo, and put the boats afloat.  Well it was, until I attempted to use ridiculously thin line to model the mooring lines.  After that, some figures were added.

I have used the railings, but am still not sure that they look thin enough.  Nor am I very good at fitting them.

Some later photos are on the web.

This I think is 1941.  At full speed, the position of the dc throwers can be seen just at the forward end of the quarterdeck.

There is indeed space aft of the tubes but there is a small piece of structure on the forward side of X gun deck.

Masthead radar has appeared.

A great shot at speed, maybe a little later than the photo above.