ESCORT                                                       ISSUE 115


An IBG 1:700 scale kit by Nigel Denchfield



IBG is a Polish company that has produced 6 type 2 Hunts, 3 Polish subjects and 3 RN.  I haven’t checked, but suspect that the basic parts are identical for each model, with odd extra sprues added with any different parts on.  The upper deck for instance is on a separate sprue, which suggests that type 1 or type 3 models can easily be produced easily by moulding a different deck.  Alternatively, if you want to do your own using the kit as a base, simply turn the deck upside down and build up from there!  The main dimensions are within a mm of being correct, so at only around £12 they offer good value for money, but of course do have some limitations compared with much more expensive resin models.  Examples here are the screens that are over thick, the compass platform lacks all detail and like Trumpeter, the sprue attachments are too large, too many and not well placed.  Against that, there is a reasonable amount of etch provided, and very clear building instructions [including a rigging plan], although I do think bending etch through 63 degrees as suggested is a bit hopeful!  I did give up with trying to fold the oerlikons as per the instructions, and in the end simply cut the shields out and fitted barrels made from sprue.

For once you get a proper box, and it is high enough to keep the model in even with the mast in place.  Great for keeping the dust off whilst building.

Sprue attachments are overdone!  Three on the gun barrels alone, and two of these are on the barrels.  I nearly gave up with these and considered making my own as they were so hard to clean up.

The deck has all the location points for structure s and parts slightly sunk in.  Overall I found that the fit was good and had no problems.

The bridge is in 3 quite clunky parts with an awkward joint line down the middle.  Really the space beneath the forward screen needs hollowing out.  Rather than fight that joint line, I fitted a 10th deck, and then used photographs to help build some details onto the compass platform itself.

The kit is for August 1943. I suspect the old Man o’ War publication was used as reference, as this has a 1942 and a 1943 drawing for Middleton.  The model matches the drawing well.  Colours are MS3 [I had a tin of WEM] and 507a.  I used to use Humbrol 27 for 507a, but the current version of this has a weird texture and finish, so I switched to Humbrol 164, a satin colour.  The pennant numbers for all 6 models are provided on the decal sheet, and they are very thin . . . . I had two of then curl up and could not sort them out, so out came the paintbrush and the nearest  colour I had to the decal.

I tend to put my models onto their base quite early these days as it gives me something to hold onto!

Nice to have the stowages moulded into the blast shield of X gun deck.

The radar office has some etch to go on.  The actual radar lantern itself does not look right, and I happen to have a pack of WEM small radar lanterns in stock, so I replaced the kit version.  You can also see here the dc thrower and reload rack.

I hate making small funnels, so was pleased to find the funnel moulded as one piece.  However, the steam pipes on the forward face need adding.

Since they were provided, I did add the railings, despite them being over scale.  I did not use the kit mast because it was far too heavy.

Radar aerials were added to the mast and the director as these were not provided.

Back in 1973 I converted an Airfix Hotspur to the type 3 Hunt HMS Bleasedale using the article in the Airfix magazine [oh, those were the days..]. - See right

It’s a bit crude and poorly finished, but offers a decent comparison.  I feel some 1/700 conversions coming on…

Below: Three views of the completed model.