ESCORT                                                       ISSUE 118




Following my appeal in the last issue, I received two very interesting photographs.

H.M.A.S. Melbourne had a typical Aussie cruiser war - time spent at first in the Pacific as a counter to the German East Asia Squadron, then convoy work with the troop convoys leaving Albany for Egypt and finally attached to the Grand Fleet in the North Sea.  Post WW1 she was at times the flagship of the RAN but finally in 1929 she came to the UK to pay off and for her crew to take the new H.M.A.S. Australia out to Sydney.

A unique point about H.M.A.S. Melbourne is that she was built by Cammell Laird in Birkenhead and finally was broken up in Birkenhead!

Mike Davey

U.S.S. Albany, ca.1910. Displacement 3,340 tons, dimensions 354’ 9.5” overall, beam 43’9”, draft 17’6”. Armament 6 x 6”/30, 4 x 4.7”, 10 x 6pdr, 4 x 1pdr, 4 machine guns, 2 field pieces, 3 torpedo tubes. Speed 20.52 knots. Crew 353. Keel laid as Almirante Abreu for the Brazilian Navy in 1898 by Armstrong, Whitworth & Co., Newcastle-on-Tyne. Purchased while still on the ways by the US Navy on 16 March 1898 to prevent her being acquired by the Spanish Navy. Launched as Albany in 1899, commissioned 29 May 1900. Reclassified from Protected Cruiser to PG 36 on 17 July 1920; reclassifi ed CL 23 on 8 August 1921. Decommi ssioned 10 October 1922; stricken 3 Novemb er 1929 and sold for scrap 11 September 1930.

John Snyder