The following list provides links to websites that you might find of interest.  Please contact me (Les Brown) with any others that you  that you have found to be helpful and would be of interest to others.



International Plastic Modellers Society (UK)


Internet Modeler - A monthly magazine of general interest, mainly aircraft and armour but with occasional maritime subjects


White Ensign Models - now under a new owner and new management in the U.S.A.

L’Arsenal - French manufacturer of high quality resin kits (primarily French vessels) and accessories in 1:700, 1:400 and 1:350 scales.  Also, stockist of a range of resin and plastic kits from many different countries.

The Resin Shipyard - A Canadian company specialising in the manufacture of 1:350 scale models in resin of Canadian warships but also including the British WWI destroyer, HMS Vega, originally manufactured by the Canadian company Armada.

Naval Models - A Dutch company specialising in the manufacture of resin models of  warships of the Netherlands Navy.  They also stock Dutch ships from other manufacturers.

Wiener Modellbau Manufactur - Manufacturer of high quality resin kits of Austro-Hungarian warships at 1:350 scale.

Skytrex Ltd - manufacturer of a range of vessels in white metal - 1:1200, 1:700, 1:600 and 1:350 scales.  Models are generally available as either kits or ready painted.

Gold Medal Models and Tom’s Modelworks - US manufacturers of etched brass detail sets and accessories for a wide variety of ships in a range of scales.

Cammett Limited - Manufacturer of post-war RN warships (Type 12, 41 and 61 frigates) in 1:96 scale.  Fibreglass hulls, many resin castings of superstructure components and sets of etched brass radar aerials, masts, etc.

Great Little Ships - a range of very detailed fittings in 1:72 scale for coastal forces and other small vessels, particularly ‘Flower’ Class corvettes.

PT Dockyard - American manufacturer of resin models of coastal forces at 1:700 (modern era) and 1:600 (WWI and WWI era) scales.

Coastal Forces in Paper - an interesting source of card models, based on drawings by John Lambert, from our own Horst Muerell

Gunthwaite Miniatures - supplier of 1:72 scale, white metal (unpainted) naval figures

Starling Models - a British supplier with a wide range of warship kits and accessories from all over the world

M T Miniatures - a British manufacturer of 1:700 scale resin kits of modern Royal Navy warships


Coastal Forces Plans - Drawings by Al Ross of American Coastal Forces including craft taking part in the Vietnam War

Maritime Books - supplier and publisher of a range of naval books, including the magazine, Warship World.

Cybermodeler Online - a collection of modelling related articles on a wide range of subjects

Splinter Fleet - The U.S. Wooden Subchasers of World War II by Ted Treadwell

Regia Marina Italiana - A website dedicated to the Italian Navy of World War II.

Kaigun - This website contains much data on the vessels of  the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.

Royal Navy Warship Photographs - A wide range of photographs from the mid-1800’s to the 21st century.

Flower Class Corvettes - Information both on the vessels themselves and models of them, at various scales.

Coastal Forces - The models of  Christian Sheppard (from Gibraltar) at various scales of 1:200 and larger.

Modern Naval Technology - A selection of modern naval projects and their equipment and manufacturers

ELCO  PT Boat PT-617 - Some magnificent views of the refurbished vessel, ideal for a modelmaker!

Seaforth Publishing - A publisher of a wide range of books on various naval topics, including the ‘Shipcraft’ series aimed primarily at modellers.